Pecan Export is a mexican exporter specialized in the trading of nuts (pecan and walnut) from Mexico and other Latin American countries (such as Peru and Chile) to customers in Asia. Since 2012 we established a representative office in Mainland China to provide local support to our customers in Asia.

Our Headquarter is located in the heart of one of the world´s most important clusters of premium quality pecan: Sonora, Mexico. This location grants us the geographical advantage to launch, every year, the first pecan harvest of North America to the world, as well as supplying all year long, throughout our export from South America.


Unity makes strength. We have strong relationships with other partners to support operations in Mexico, Chile and Peru, promoting mutual growth in related industries, such as fresh and dry fruits, and grains.

Fruver Group is a holding of Mexican-based companies, in wich Pecan Export is included, established in 1994 to distribute locally grown and imported fruits and vegetables to the major supermarket chains in Mexico, USA and Canada. As a part of this holding, Fruver has given support and expertise to our operations in Mexico.



San Alberto Export is a company based in Chile, specialized in the trading of fresh and dry fruits, and grains, with exports from South America to North America and to the world. The company has recently opened a new branch in Peru in 2015, to extend the seasonality and variety of its produce, as well as a Representative office in China in 2016.